R Is For Royal Icing

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My favorite traditions during the holidays is baking, but adding Royal Icing to any baked good makes it even more special. It’s shows you’ve gone the extra step to bring color, texture and flavor into a platter 2 dimensional edibles.

Using what I’ve learned from my Wilton Decorating classes, I made heavy use of Royal Icing to decorate two of the large batch cookies I baked. One was Martha Stewart’s Gingerbread recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/315628/gingerbread-snowflakes and the second was Wilton’s Large Batch Roll-Out Cookies: http://www.wilton.com/large-batch-roll-out-cookies/WLRECIP-64.html. I love this recipe in part because you get a ton of cookies for only a little effort. In addition I changed two things; I substituted coconut oil instead of butter and swapped out one cup of almond meal for the flour

R Is For Royal Icing.

So back to the star of our show! Royal Icing is incredibly easy to make if you have the right tools. A standing mixer is helpful if you have one, but a hand mixer is just as good. Wilton’s Royal Icing recipe is simple: https://www.wilton.com/royal-icing/WLRECIP-50.html, powdered sugar, Wilton Meringue Powder, and water. I’ll additionally add flavorings like vanilla or almond extract, including the addition of fresh orange juice instead of water. Strained, this juice gives a wonderful brightness to counter balance the sweetness of all your baked goods. Give this a try at your next cookie swap or baking party.

My Santa Looks Like Homer Simpson.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday with all your friends and family!



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