My New Endeavour

Over the past few months I have been going through some training to pursuit a lifelong dream of mine. Finally, this week I achieved my goal of becoming a Certified Wilton Instructor.


When I was twelve I decorated my first cake, a 2-D Halloween pumpkin with a simple star tip. Since then, I’ve concentrated primarily on baking, with small ventures into decorating treats for family, however  I always really wanted to up my game by doing something more eye catching. In October of last year, I took three classes at my local Michael’s Stores:, I could increase my skills and build a small following. By sheer luck, a teaching position opened at a store less than four miles away. I was thrilled at the opportunity, not only would I be doing something I loved, but I wouldn’t have to commute the nearly 80 miles round trip that I did on a daily basis. (L.A. TRAFFIC)

As of today, I can officially announce my certification as a Wilton Method Instructor (WMI), and that I’ll be teaching sometime next month at my local Michael’s Store. “Course 1: Building Buttercream Skills,” is the basics structured enough to give you a solid skill base for basic treat decorating, but fun enough to be enjoyed by teens and adults of all ages.


Android_Photo_October_15__2015_at_0752PM (1)

If you are interested in learning more about the Wilton Method and classes at your local craft store, check out their website: I’ll continue to post my own recipes, but now include fun ideas on decorating all kinds of treats for family and friends. In the mean time, happy baking!


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