You Say Dummy, I Say Demo

As I am diving into the world of cake decorating I am beginning to learn the fine art of the “Dummy” or Demo cake. This is when you have a sample of your work (usually in shop) that highlights a skill or a theme. For my purposes I needed to recycle a poorly painted fondant covered piece of styrofoam, but also wanted to show what skills were taught when taking Course 1: Building Buttercream Skills.

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The demo was covered in white fondant and gumpaste, and had a flower and leaves I painted with a rather dry brush. I really didn’t like the way it came out and knew that the Michael’s Store I work at didn’t have any demo’s in the class room. So I drew out a plan on the demo, dividing it into four sections, then an additional two circular areas on top for the more difficult roses.

This cake is meant to highlight techniques, which include; Star Fill-In, 1M Rosette, Drop Flower and Sunflower. Additionally, I included grass and leaves and my new favorite, the Ribbon Rose, which is difficult but getting easier each time I do it. Thankfully I had made a double batch of Wilton Royal Icing: to cover this demo, because I used all but about a half cup to finish it. Although it’s not perfect, I like the way it looks and gives the general idea of what can be learned in Course 1. Who knows, once it gets beat up I’ll make another and be just as skeptical!

Have a great weekend!



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