“Killer” Carrot Cake And His Lighter, Sweeter Twin

Short And Sweet

The Legendary "Killer" Carrot Cake The Legendary “Killer” Carrot Cake

This legendary recipe was first made by my Mom’s co-worker, who brought this amazing dessert for office potlucks. It is by far the most requested cake at family reunions, and that’s the ‘unbiased’ opinion of hundred’s of people I’m related to! No kidding!!

This is an extremely rich cake, which I’m sure is why it’s so popular. However, over the years I’ve changed it up by decreasing the oil, eggs, sugar and adding applesauce, brown sugar and the juice and zest of one orange.

Tip #1: If you are able, add fresh ground spices. You will find that the cake is just divinely aromatic compared to using an open box from the shelf. Recently, I’ve read that some spices contain fillers to keep them shelf stable and to resist clumping. No bueno!

I hope your family enjoys this as much as mine has!

The Legendary”Killer”…

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