Mustache Macaroons and Coconut Cake

Back in March, my dad celebrated his birthday and his retirement. Okay, semi-retirement. My dad can’t sit still, so he works weekends and has house projects to do all week long. Like most dads he’s made a great impression on me. Not only is his work ethic beyond compare, but he has a great ability to love unconditionally. This in fact makes him exceptional! He married my mom, who was divorced with five kids and a mortgage! Did I mention he’s my step-dad?! Oh, and did I mention he was born in El Salvador and had, “Not even two colognes to rub together,” when he got here! He’s an amazing person and I love him dearly.

So, back to our treats! For his birthday I made two desserts…okay so we actually had four tota. These included my brother’s amazing cheesecake, my chocolate layer cake (which ended up as the parting gift to everyone) my mustache macaroons and the coconut mustache cake.

The macaroons were a simple macaroon piped onto a silpat lined sheet tray and baked. My only issue was they could have been baked longer, as I underestimated the drying time…but I still think they came out cute! Next, was the coconut cake, which was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest but originally came from: All I did was take my existing Ultimate Coconut Cake recipe: cut it into the proper ying and yang shapes, then douse with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut

. Voila’! A great cake fit for the ‘distinguished’ gentleman in your life!


Have a wonderful father’s day everyone!!


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