Modeling 101

No, this is not a post on “America’s Next Top Model”. It’s instead a little introduction to how to make cake toppers out of Wilton’s Shape-N-Amaze!

The process is fairly simple; you use Wilton’s Measure-N-Shape sizing tray. some sculpting tools that are included in the Course 3: Fondant and Gum Paste Student Kit (or sold separately) some water, a brush, sugar pearls for the eyes and good quality uncooked spaghetti to use instead of toothpicks for attaching large pieces. (This will make your finished project completely edible and safe for family and friends to eat!)

For the in-class lesson I made a dog with a ball and a bowl. Additionally, I added a twisted neon fondant lollipop rug, to give the little guy a place to sit. He is supposed to be a chihuahua, however I think he looks like a cross between a rat and a kangaroo!

There are a number of resources available on the website including an entire page of YouTube videos dedicated to the subject: In addition, there is a video dedicated to one cute little unicorn hosted by Emily, the Wilton School of Cake Decorating’ main instructur on modeling 3D characters. The link is here:

I hope you will join me in a class or even online to discuss all the fun you can have by making your own toppers!

Have a great weekend!


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