13 Days of Halloween Cookies – Day 7

Today’s cookie is a little bit of a departure from the others I’ve done in this series.  Oddly enough, I was inspired to make this forest landscape based on the way the flooding came out.  My icing was a little too thick when I applied it. so when it dried it had this very streaky look about it.  After I applied some thinned black with a square tipped brush, the lines became more prominent and I went with the inspiration.
This technique is by no means new, but I continued by piping the tree stumps with Tip #3 after the black layer dried  Then I took a mostly dry square brush and applied multiple layers of black, purple, orange and yellow, letting each layer dry in between.  This was a fun cookie to make in part because there’s no real right or wrong to it.  It’s just whatever suits your fancy to get the desired look you want!

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