13 Days of Halloween Cookies – Day 8

Today’s cookie is a nostalgic take on Halloween’s past.  When I was a kid, my Mom would paint the big window in the front of the house with a similar scene.  She would draw out the scene in a bar of soap, then use poster paint for the moon the witch and the pumpkin.  When she was done we had this great stained glass window effect and got to keep it up all month long.
Here in the cookie I did a similar motif with the addition of an autumn leaf.  The leaf was painted on with a thin brush and layers of orange and yellow.  The layers were feathered from the stem out, then dried overnight.  Then it was dusted with Wilton Petal Dust in bronze.  Additionally, I added a touch of that bronze to the moon.  The background also had the addition of a few of Wilton’s Edible Stars in the sky for added shimmer!

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