13 Days of Halloween Cookies – Day 9

Today’s cookie is from a costume I had as a freshman in high school.  That Halloween, I stitched together pieces of an old jacket and made myself a spider costume.  Using the extra fabric, I made stuffed arms and strung them to some cuffs that I wore, along with white gloves.  Each of the fake hands had a cigar or a deck of playing cards and I topped it off with a bowler hat giving the costume a sort of James Cagney gangster feel.  I’m such a dork, but I had fun and subsequently made lots of friends for being a little “out there!”
The cookie itself is a simple spider design on a fancy cut-out.  Additionally, I put a little brush embroidery technique to give the web some dimension.  The web should have been a little more wavy to give it some added movement too!  My huge faux paux is that my spider’s legs are too short and so is the body.  Had the legs been a little longer it wouldn’t look so much like a creepy Halloween tick!  LOL

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