13 Days of Halloween Cookies – Day 10

Recently, my older  brother did his DNA profile.  We, meaning my brothers and sisters were astonished to find out we had 5% of our genetic make-up was African American.  Specifically, we were from the Ivory Coast of West Africa.  What I didn’t know was that any place that Spain had conquered they imported slaves from Africa to do all the hard labor.  Although this is not a history lesson on Mexico and Spain, I was really happy to know that my instincts were right all along.

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Here, I did some African/VooDoo inspired caricatures that included very bright colors and royal icing details.  The palette I used was  Wilton Gel Food Color in Neon.  The second cookie is done in purple using a brush technique taught in Course 2: Flower and Cake Design.  Finally on the woman, I used a small cutter and made purple blossoms dusted with Wilton Purple Shimmer Dust and Wilton White Sugar Pearls. These were fun and I just love how the colors are bright and festive!

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