13 Days of Halloween Cookies – Day 11

Decorating these cookies, I’ve tried a few different techniques to see what worked and what didn’t.  In this group I tried doing a few mini cut-outs of fondant using actual cutters found on the modeling clay aisle at my local craft stores.  Although I really like the shapes, I think they might be a little disproportionate for this application.  In other words maybe they would work for something like a larger cookie or a cake.


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These four cutters included a heart, a star, a blossom and a dragon fly.  So a few things I noticed:
1.) The blossom shapes worked best when they were on a dark background and had a black iris, either a piped bead or a dragee’. Even as hair decor they didn’t stand out enough for me.
2.) Fondant on it’s own did not give enough contrast as these colorful cookies demand, so they will absolutely need color dust to highlight them.
3.) Hearts are best for the nose or petals.  For the eyes, they just look ‘clown like’!  LOL
4.) Dragonflies are very cool cut-outs but again need to be done in a darker color, otherwise they just blend into the white.
Live and learn!

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