DIY Cookie Decorating Turntable

When I started doing the, “13 Days of Halloween Cookies,” project I started researching techniques and tools to use.  One thing I came across in many video tutorials was a cookie turntable.  You can buy one on Amazon, but it costs $3.95 + $5.95 shipping, but that just seemed a bit much for one turntable.  Part of the cost on some of these is that the ball bearing unit is heavy and meant to hold (in some cases) up to 500 lbs.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be making a 500 lb. cookie, so it dawned on me while walking through the hardware section of my local Wal-Mart that I could make multiple turntables for little more than the cost of one.
The “ingredient” list for this project are as follows, and don’t take more than a few minutes to put together:
  •  1 set furniture sliders for CARPET.
    • These have hard plastic bottoms and spin easily on hard work surfaces.  You should have a set of 4, size of choice.
  • 4 loose tiles from your local hardware store.
    • We had extra wall tiles from a bathroom project that were approximately 4 1/4 inch that I used.
  • 1 tube of your favorite “Super” level glue.
    • I found a small double package at my local .99 cent store.
  • 1 Roll rubber non-skid shelf liner.
    • Also found at my local .99 cent store.
All you will need to do is first make sure your tile pieces are clean and dry.  Make sure your sliders fit appropriately to the bottom of your tile.  It helps to draw a pencil outline on the back just to make sure you don’t land off center.  Squeeze a small stream of glue onto the tile circle and press the slider, foam side down, onto the tile to adhere.  Add a weight like a large canned good on top of the slider to make sure the foam is in contact with the tile.  Wait about 5 minutes to let the glue set, then add a square of non-skid shelf liner. You are ready to roll!  Complete video tutorial for this and a larger sized turntable are on my YouTube channel at:  Happy Decorating!

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