Wicked Witch of the East Shoe Cookies

This was a super simple designed inspired by some decorations I saw a Mom and daughter buying at the craft store.  In their case, the shoes were made of sparkle garland.  The original design, in case you are unfamiliar with the pointy shoes, are from the Wicked Witch of the East from, “The Wizard of Oz,” movie from 1939.  She was the one who was beneath the house when Dorthy landed in Munchkin Land.  Reading this back it sounds so awful, but remember it’s fiction!  LOL
So the cookie is a basic plaque with some simply piped shoes and striped stockings in black and purple.  Then I “cheated” and used a Wilton Food Writer pen to write the message.  So easy!  I love the fact that you can ice a bunch of cookies and have the kids decorate them with these pens with little to no mess!  Here’s to a mess free holiday season.  Happy Halloween!

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