Fall Sweater Cookies

So if you’ve followed my blog for a while you may know I live in Southern California.  This week is the first it’s been below 70 degrees…Yay!!  Sweater weather (or as close as we can get to it) is here!  My Mom has been an avid knitter all her life and I’ve had dozens of gorgeous sweaters, but alas don’t get to wear them very often.  Today’s post was inspired by some of the patterns she has done over the years.  Lots more to come!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first is just your basic cable knit, a.k.a. Irish knit sweater done in a ‘natural’ dark brown wool color.  Yes, I’ve been to Ireland and not all sheep have beige wool.  Some have slightly darker brown hues which is what I was going for with this ‘popcorn’ stitch and cable combination.  She has also been recently working on some socks for Christmas, so I stole one of her patterns and used the squirrels as another theme.  So much fun doing these Fall sweater designs.  Can’t wait until the cold (65 degree weather) kicks in!  LOL
Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

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