Noah’s Ark Cookie Parade

Many years ago when I first started earning my own money, I bought a set of copper cookie cutters from a little known home baker named Martha Stewart.  I’m kidding of course, but it was so long ago, the show was brand new, the website was even newer and I fell in love with this set of copper Noah’s Ark Cookie Cutters.  Fast forward to 20 + years later and they still are as gorgeous as ever!  There was also a dove in the set, but he never made it to the photo shoot!  LOL


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For me, this was just a fun home “doodle” project.  This set was never used, so I just wanted to play around with it.  The cookies are my standard sugar cookie and royal icing recipes but be warned the cookie cutters themselves (if you are curious) are huge!  The set included a gingerbread recipe and a plastic template for the ark itself.  They were so much fun to do, I think they would be great for a baby shower theme or even Easter!


I hope everyone has a great week!


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