The holidays were super busy for me this past year.  More on that soon.  So busy in fact I baked not a single Christmas cookie!  What a slacker I am!  However, in August I was able to do a cake for my nieces sister-in-law for her baby shower.  I had such a good time getting the elements together.  No real stress except for when I was putting the cake together at the party in front of 5 kids who all wanted to take a bite before I was done.
The cake itself was the Hellman’s Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake I’ve done before.  Everyone loves this cake!  It also had white chocolate ganache and fresh sliced strawberries inside.  From what I heard the taste was good, but I did have some issues which I’ll illustrate below.
Issues to consider for next time:
  1.  Make sure the ganache is the correct consistency.  A 2 to 1 is the correct ratio to use for warm days like what we had that summer afternoon in August.  Everything got melty after I finished the delivery.
  2. Less words are better than trying to fit everything!  The cake was too wordy and since I wasn’t in direct contact with the Mom-to-be, I couldn’t suggest a change.
  3. The wide “waist band” on the cake made it look “husky.”  Again too many words added to the bulk.
  4. Pipe saying instead of using cut outs.
  5. Use a larger cake board to make room for the “clouds.”
  6. Trim the edges of the cake before icing.  I was told the cake was too dry!
Things I liked:
  1.  My man in the moon cookie cutter finally had a purpose after 25 years!
  2. Hanging stars instead of stars on skewers as in the original idea.
  3. Fluffy clouds rather than marshmallows thrown on the cake.
  4. Two different colors for the base and the cap on the man in the moon.
  5. Iridescent pearl spray on the clouds and stars for a light bit of sparkle.
I’m still pretty proud of the work I did. so we’ll see where it goes from here.
Have a very Happy New Year everyone!

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