St. Patrick’s Day Pansy Cookies

Last year my older brother got a DNA ancestor test from his wife.  When he got his results, we were all pretty shocked to find out we were part Irish, even though we self identify as Mexican-American.
These cookies are another homage to my distant homeland, that I was able to visit many years ago.  As a Wilton Certified Instructor, we learn to make these lovely Pansies in what is now called, “Piping Royal Icing Blossoms.”  The great thing about Royal Icing is it dries hard and you can keep the dried decorations stored for months.  You can keep your best dried decorations and have them ready for any treat emergency!  The cookies are made with the traditional Shamrock cookie cutter and green as the base icing color.  Then I piped and dried green, white and orange Pansies (the colors of the Irish flag) and let them dry completely before I attached them to the cookies.  A few stems of green and yellow and voila’ a mini bouquet of pansies!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

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