13 Days of Halloween Cookies – Day 2

As a kid I grew up around cats and dogs my whole life. For a while we had nothing but cats and I wondered why black cats at Halloween had always had such a bad wrap? At this point in time there are the typical motifs of black cats, but I wanted to reclaim them and turn some of them into something cute! Not at all the typical arched menace I grew up knowing.


The cookie design for Day 2 is also very easy and kid friendly! It’s a large cat head cut-out I found at my local specialty cake supply store, with black royal icing. Note, one trick I learned a while back was to add a bit of dark blue to your black colors to give it a deeper richer tone. The black is simply spread on with an off-set spatula, then the tacky icing is pulled up to resemble fur. Then I added those fantastic Wilton Large Candy eyes and white outline and whiskers with a Wilton Tip #4. So unbelievably simple and cute!


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